Wealth Managers Amongst the Lowest Risk Professionals for Lenders

Out of 3,482 SBA loans provided to Financial and Investment Advisors since 2000:

  • No standard SBA 7a loan disbursed in the last 10 years has defaulted
  • No SBA loan (Express or Standard) disbursed in the last 10 years has defaulted
  • Only 4 loans resulted in bank charge-offs for loans over $350,000
  • Of these 4 charges offs, only 2 were for loans over $1,000,0000
  • Since 1991, there have been no defaults for loans over $1,500,000

SBA Loan Volum Since 2000

3,482 loans for $1,098,836,524 from over 250 SBA lenders

4 NAICS Codes:

  • 523930 Investment Advice

  • 523920 Portfolio Management

  • 523120 Securities Brokerage

  • 523999 Misc. Financial Investment Activities


Advisor.Loans analysis of SBA data found at SBA.gov

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