We offer a “lending open architecture platform” approach to loans, lenders and programs. We believe that it is always in the best interest of the advisor to have options.

Loan Purposes

  • Acquisitions
  • Equity Buyouts
  • Refinance
  • Working Capital
  • Breakaway Transition
  • Recruiting
  • Office Build-outs
  • Commercial Property
  • Debt Consolidation

Loan Programs

  • SBA 7 (a) and 504
  • Tri-Party
  • Conventional

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Open Architecture of Loans and Lenders

Are You An Advisor Who Needs A Loan?

5 Reasons to Call Us Right Now

  • We’re Loan Advisors to Financial Advisors.

  • We have an open architecture of loan programs and lenders.

  • We are looking out for your best interest, not the lender’s.

  • Our services, time and expertise cost you nothing.

  • You are the purpose of our professional existence.

For most loan scenarios, our Loan Advisors can quickly tell you in the first conversation which loan programs you would qualify for (pending underwriting of course), and can share rates, terms, red flags, and special conditions for certain loan types, structures and circumstances to think about.

With our Loan Advisors for Financial Advisors approach, advisors no longer have go it alone, interacting with a bunch of different banks direct and rely on salespeople (Loan Officers) to help you choose what’s really best for you.

“Consider making just one call, your first call, right now to AdvisorLoans.”

We’ll share what all the serious lenders in this space are offering and requiring for your specific loan need, help you compare the pros and cons of each, secure the best loan deal, and then turnkey the entire lending process from beginning to end for you. That’s the Loan Advisors for Financial Advisors service model.

All of our loan advisory services, time and expertise costs our clients nothing. Lenders reimburse us for packaging the loan or will allocate part of their per loan marketing budget. We’re not a non-profit, but you won’t spend a penny more using a Loan Advisor than going it alone. You’ll also have peace of mind that you have a seasoned Loan Advisor who is looking out for your best interest instead of the lender’s.

Make your first conversation with our Loan Advisor, then decide if you feel you need to keep looking. When we have the opportunity to speak with advisors, most of the time we can actually hear the advisor’s sigh of relief. Most Financial Advisors appreciate the value a lending savvy Loan Advisor offers, especially when we don’t charge advisors a fee to save them time, money, and help to avoid setbacks, pitfalls, and many of the frustrations involved in selecting the right loan option and going through the lending process.

Call us at: 844.229.2553.  We work advisor hours not banker hours. If it’s after hours right now, but this is a good time for you to discuss your lending need, then pop a text with your name to 970.646.1100 and we’ll have a Loan Advisor promptly give you a call.

Why Advisors Need More Than One SBA Lender Option

SBA lending currently dominates advisor lending marketshare, but SBA lenders are not all alike.

While the SBA program has their requirements and underwriting criteria, different SBA lenders overlay their own requirements and criteria on top of those required by the SBA program.

These additional requirements by SBA lenders means that an advisor who is qualified for a SBA program loan, still may not qualify for a SBA loan from a specific SBA lender.   

Some SBA lenders for example have much higher minimum credit score and Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) requirements than what the SBA program allows for. For example the SBA allows for a DSCR of 1.15 but an SBA lender may require a DSCR minimum of 1.75.

A SBA lender may require a minimum $20MM AUM requirement from their advisor borrowers even though there is no such AUM requirement from the SBA itself.

Some SBA lenders refuse to provide an SBA loan to associate or junior advisors to acquire the practice of the principal advisor even though it is allowable by the SBA program.

Many SBA lenders will not provide loans to an advisor with a current tax lien though the SBA program allows for loans to be granted to pay off an IRS tax settlement plan.

There are many cases in which an advisor with a previous bankruptcy can qualify for a SBA program loan but will be rejected by an SBA lenders own policy of not lending to advisors with a prior bankruptcy. 

While the SBA requires SBA lenders to take collateral on property the borrower has 25% equity in, some SBA lenders will require the collateral anyway even if the advisor has less than 25% equity.

This is why AdvisorLoans utilizes a network of SBA lenders for the benefit of our advisor clients. We insure that your advisors who qualify for the SBA program aren’t prohibited by any single SBA lender’s additional requirements.     

Cash Flow Lending

Utilize AdvisorLoans to Pre-Qualify Buyer Candidates

  • It’s free to the seller. We are happy to support sellers in this way because we want to close the loan used to buy your practice.
  • Protect your confidential financial information. AdvisorLoans utilizes a secure portal to collect data in addition to providing an NDA. Your information stays secure and confidential.
  • We provide the buyer with a pre-qualification letter to provide confidence to all parties. When you approve a buyer we then can release your financial information at your request.
  • Because we have internally prequalified the buyer the loan process goes much faster when you are ready to select a buyer. For almost all loan types we offer, we can close and fund the loan to pre-qualified advisor borrowers within 30 – 45 days.
  • We offer borrowers a variety of financing options including SBA and conventional business bank loans customized for advisor practice acquisitions.
  • Seller flexibility. If you are doing a partial book sale, a partner buyout, or wish to remain working for more than a year, there is often flexibility in structure and other programs may be available. We have multiple financing platforms and tailor the financing options to the individual loan need.

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