AdvisorLoans Creates Free Lending Guide eBook for Financial Advisors

Today, AdvisorLoans released their Advisor Lending Guide eBook. The eBook is available at no cost to either financial advisors or firms.

Financial Advisors, RIAs, and firms now have an available lending guide written specifically for independent advisors seeking loans for acquisitions, partner buyouts, working capital, and business debt consolidation.


There are a growing number of SBA and conventional commercial lenders entering (or dipping their toe) into advisor niche lending. Having more loan programs and lender options benefits an independent Financial Advisor or RIA who owns and operates an advisory business. But every lending option comes with its own set of intricacies.


“The evolving lending choices has created industry confusion in which lenders, programs, structures and loan types are available, and which combination provides the most ideal loan for the advisor,” said Darin Manis, a Partner at AdvisorLoans.

SBA loans, for example, can become complex when different lenders have different underwriting criteria from both each other and the SBA program itself.


“The independent channel needed a lending eBook to bring clarity to the Financial Advisor and RIA lending landscape so we created one,” added Manis.

The Advisor Lending Guide eBook provides a lending resource for the Financial Advisor industry niche.  The guide educates advisors on available options, structures, and reveals the “behind the curtain” look at the lending process.

AdvisorLoans will continue to edit and revise as new options become available and as current options modify their requirements and offering.


AdvisorLoans created an eBook they hope advisors don’t take the time to read, at least not every word.


Manis explains, “We would rather advisors and field leadership to just call us. Our Loan Advisor to the Financial Advisor model was created so advisors don’t feel they have to read an eBook like this to get the most ideal loan for them.”

Posted by Darin Manis
Managing Partner