Enterprise Support

Broker Dealers, Custodians, OSJs, and Ensembles

Firms benefit from supporting their advisors with financing leveraging strategies and lender “open architecture.”

  • Increased Net New Assets, Revenues, and Headcount

  • Efficient Financing Transition of Retiring Advisor Tidal Wave

  • Strong Recruiting Value Proposition

  • Increased Asset and Revenue Retention from Retiring Advisors

  • Advisor Force Increases Investment in Their Practices and Growth

Breakaway From Reliance on Proprietary Lenders


Adding AdvisorLoans as a Vendor Option for Your Advisors. 

Adding AdvisorLoans to your approved vendor list provides your advisors with an alternative option than just going it alone directly with proprietary lenders.

While some advisors will prefer to contact a salesperson at a proprietary lender directly, others will appreciate our independent Loan Advisor model where we have an “open architecture” of loan types, lenders, and programs. We advocate for your advisors for the best loan deal we can get them regardless of which lender in our network is utilized.

With the growing number of SBA lenders, Tri-Party lenders, and conventional commercial lenders entering (or dipping their toe) into advisor niche lending, it has become difficult for advisors to stay aware of, and distinguish between their lending options.

There are as many options, qualifying criteria, exceptions, process, rates and terms, loan structures, collateral requirements, impacts and consequences, financial industry competency, and customer service standards as there are lenders and programs available.

AdvisorLoans supports both your advisors, field leadership, and internal support teams, with financing options and structures through a consultative Loan Advisor service model. 

We’ll Take Good Care of Your Referrals

If you would like to contact us directly about any loan scenario one of your advisors has, or would prefer to just have them call us to see how we can help, we’ll take good care of your advisors.

While we are able to approve most loans advisors contact us with, we also know a fast no is better than a long maybe. We won’t waste their time, can come to decisions quickly, and get creative in solving challenging or out of the box loans.

Proprietary lenders each has one set of qualifying criteria and are only concerned with fitting your advisors financing needs into their box, for only what their bank offers. We have a network of lenders with multiple qualifying criteria options because we care about the best interest of the advisor, not any single lender.

Why Advisors Need More Than One SBA Lender Option.

SBA lending currently dominates advisor lending marketshare, but SBA lenders are not all alike.

While the SBA program has their requirements and underwriting criteria, different SBA lenders overlay their own requirements and criteria on top of those required by the SBA program.

These additional requirements by SBA lenders means that an advisor who is qualified for a SBA program loan, still may not qualify for a SBA loan from a specific SBA lender.   

Some SBA lenders for example have much higher minimum credit score and Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) requirements than what the SBA program allows for. For example the SBA allows for a DSCR of 1.15 but an SBA lender may require a DSCR minimum of 1.75.

A SBA lender may require a minimum $20MM AUM requirement from their advisor borrowers even though there is no such AUM requirement from the SBA itself.

Some SBA lenders refuse to provide an SBA loan to associate or junior advisors to acquire the practice of the principal advisor even though it is allowable by the SBA program.

Many SBA lenders will not provide loans to an advisor with a current tax lien though the SBA program allows for loans to be granted to pay off an IRS tax settlement plan.

There are many cases in which an advisor with a previous bankruptcy can qualify for a SBA program loan but will be rejected by an SBA lenders own policy of not lending to advisors with a prior bankruptcy. 

While the SBA requires SBA lenders to take collateral on property the borrower has 25% equity in, some SBA lenders will require the collateral anyway even if the advisor has less than 25% equity.

This is why AdvisorLoans utilizes a network of SBA lenders for the benefit of our advisor clients. We insure that your advisors who qualify for the SBA program aren’t prohibited by any single SBA lender’s additional requirements.