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Buy-Side M&A Lending Consulting

Loan Advisors to Acquiring Advisors

  • Buy-Side Perspective on Financing for Acquisition and Equity Buy-Outs/Buy-Ins.

  • Getting pre-qualified in advance so buyers know what size acquisitions they can afford and what deal structures they can negotiate.

  • Which loan programs such as SBA, Tri-Party, and Conventional allow the acquisition structure, terms, and timelines you are seeking.

  • How lien positioning, personal guarantees, collateral requirements, vary with the different programs and lenders focused on acquisition lending.

  • How loan programs and lenders directly impacts the allowable deal and financing structures.

  • Turnkey loan packaging, qualifying, and loan process navigation. No reason to go it alone.

  • The ins and outs of lender requirements for down payments, seller notes, earn outs, claw backs, and escrow payment structures.

  • Looking out for our client’s best interest instead of the lender’s. We have an open lending architecture with multiple lender options for advisors to choose.

Acquisition Lending

Acquisition loans represents about 75% of the loan volume at AdvisorLoans.

Acquisition Types

Internal – within same broker dealer or custodian platform.

External – acquiring a practice at a different broker dealer or custodial platform.

Full – acquiring 100% of the practice.

Partial – acquiring a partial client list or partial book.

Succession – associate advisor (either 1099 or W-2) acquiring the practice from the principal at their firm.

Equity Buy-Outs/Buy-Ins – both party and full equity buy-out and buy-ins.

  • Get Pre-Qualified

    With acquisition lending becoming commonplace in the industry now, buyers who do not have financing lined up are at a considerable disadvantage than prequalified buyers able to provide proof to the seller that they are financially capable of acquiring their practice on the terms established.

  • Open Lending Architecture

    We offer a “lending open architecture platform” approach to loans, lenders and programs. We believe that it is always in the best interest of the advisor to have options.

  • Lending Perspective

    Legal structures
    Deal terms
    Business Valuations
    Cash flow requirements
    Client retention
    Tax implications
    Risk mitigates

Providing Industry M&A Lending Support

How AdvisorLoans Gets Paid

AdvisorLoans services are totally free. So how do we make money?

When a loan is closed, the lender either reimburses us for loan packaging costs and analysis, or will pay us an allocation from their business development or marketing budgets. There are no extra loan costs associated with using AdvisorLoans than dealing with lenders direct. Our consulting, advice and expert recommendations are reserved for clients who utilize us for loan packing the lending process navigation.

Support to Sell-Side and Buy-Side Consultants

AdvisorLoans supports Sell-Side and Buy-Side Consultants with helping you help your clients get the deal closed through financing foresight, planning, and efficient lending process navigation.

We exclusively focus on the lending aspects of Sell-Side and Buy-Side deal construction and financing. To avoid any conflicts wit our Loan Advisor model, we do not charge buyers, sellers, or consulting firms for our services and we also do not pay a kickback or commission for referrals. AdvisorLoans as an open architecture of lenders and programs available and isn’t a Loan Officer (Sales Person) just representing a single proprietary bank. We know how to get creative, and when workarounds and exceptions can be applied.     

Support to Enterprise M&A team and field leadership

Call AdvisorLoans to assist your retiring advisors with prequalifying your internal advisors who are seeking to grow through acquisitions.

We’ll help your selling and succession advisors determine which lending program options allow for their desired succession and retirement strategies and help your advisors get qualified for those specific programs and lenders.  AdvisorLoans assists broker dealers, custodians,  and firms with smooth and efficient financing of the transitioning of assets from the retiring advisors to your growth advisors. 

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