Who Are Our Clients?

Borrowers must be licensed with FINRA and/or the SEC to be eligible to receive AdvisorLoans lending services and support.

  • RIAs

  • Hybrid RIAs

  • Investment Advisors

  • Independent Broker Dealer Principals & Representatives

  • Breakaway Advisors

  • Associate Advisors

  • Insurance Advisors

Go With AdvisorLoans Instead Of Going It Alone.

  • “Loan Advisor” to “Financial Advisor” relationship.
  • Consultation and clarity on the evolving financing options, programs and lenders.
  • Advisor’s liaison, advocate and agent to our “open architecture” lender network.
  • Represent the interest of the advisor not the lender.
  • Turnkey the loan process, saving advisors time, money, and a lot of frustration.

Our Value Proposition


Like Most of our Advisor Clients...

  • We Put Our Clients FIrst

    AdvisorLoans offers a loan advisory service model to our advisor clients. We approach your financing goals and strategies before we assume which loan product or structure is most ideal. We focus on our client’s interest (not the bank’s) in evaluating and obtaining business purpose loans. As your Loan Advisor, we consult on options, structures, and financing leveraging strategies.

  • We Are Full Service

    Turnkey process from loan consultation, packaging, pre-qualifying, underwriting, examining available lenders based on borrower criteria, and lender selection from our network. We then act as our client’s liaison, primary contact, and advocate throughout the entirety of the loan process with the lender.

  • We Know Our Stuff

    We offer a unique combination of experience and expertise in both lending and financial
    industry nuances, platforms, business models, recruiting deals, valuations, and M&A deal structures. Our background is actually in advisor M&A and recruiting deals, so we understand the intricacies behind deal structures.

  • We Get Creative Overcoming Obstacles

    Not all loan deals are easy slam dunks, most in fact aren’t. Each lender has their own set of policies, underwriting, and qualifying criteria. Just because one lender isn’t able to do your loan, there may be other lenders or program options that can get it done. In the face of challenges and obstacles, we get creative in finding other solutions to the problem when possible.