About AdvisorLoans

Loan Advisor Model

“Loan Advisors” for “Financial Advisors.” We represent the interest of the advisor, not the lender. We consult on the evolving financing options, programs and lenders. We then turnkey the loan process as the advisor’s liaison and loan agent.

Turnkey Full Service Solutions

We support advisors with every step of the loan process from initial consulting, loan packaging, pre-qualification, to funding.

Financial Industry Expertise

Most local bank lenders advisors speak with doesn’t know the difference between an advisor’s CRD and GDC. AdvisorLoans is managed by financial services background professionals. We exclusively work with Financial Advisors and understand the financial services industry nuances, advisor cash flow based lending, and M&A deal structures.

Choice in Lenders and Loan Programs

We operate an “open architecture” of multiple lenders and programs for SBA, TPA and conventional loan options.  We think choice and options always benefits the advisor.

Save Time, Money and Hassle

We save advisors substantial time by working with multiple lenders simultaneously on behalf of the advisor. We do most the heavy lifting and it doesn’t cost the advisor any more money than if they went to the lender direct.

AdvisorLoans Loan Advisory Model

Exclusive to advisors
We exclusively work with advisors. For borrowers to be eligible for AdvisorLoans services and support, they must be licensed with FINRA and/or the SEC. Our services are available to RIAs, Hybrid RIAs, Investment Advisors, Independent Broker Dealer 1099 registered reps, IBD principals, OSJs, and Insurance Broker Dealer 1099 Reps, Brokers and Agents.

No additional costs using AdvisorLoans than going alone
There are no extra costs paid to AdvisorLoans than if you were going to any lender direct. Our clients never pay AdvisorLoans any amount of money for any reason. When your loan is closed, the lender either reimburses us for loan packaging costs and analysis, or will pay us what they normally allocate from their marketing budget.

Loan Advisory Model
The entire foundation of the AdvisorLoans client service model is built on being Loan Advisors for Financial Advisors. We represent the interest of the advisor, not the lender. Advisors help their clients with investment advice, planning, making prudent financial decisions, selecting funds and managers most ideal for the client’s situation, and the client of course isn’t dealing with an SMA directly. Financial Advisors need Loan Advisors for many of the same root reasons. However, with AdvisorLoans, we don’t have to charge our clients a fee.

Lending Open Architecture
AdvisorLoans operates an “open architecture” of multiple loan types, lenders and programs for SBA, Tri-Party and conventional loan options.  We believe choice always benefits the advisor.

Financial Industry Expertise and Commitment
We offer our clients a unique combination of expertise from both a lending solutions and financial industry perspectives. For over 15 years now, our founders have been exclusively helping advisors with solutions connected to financing needs in the first place. This is our industry, and helping advisors is the core of everything we do. Our advisor clients aren’t just 1 of 15 industries we work in like a giant publically traded bank. We don’t work with funeral homes and chicken farmers. While we don’t have a background in chickens, we are intimately familiar with financial industry nuances, acronyms, platforms, channels, cash flow business models, recruiting deals, valuations, M&A deal structures, and the capabilities and limitations of lending programs. More importantly, we apply this expertise to the benefit of our advisor clients lending needs.

Save money and time
We’ve spent many thousands of hours developing our experience and expertise in advisor lending to save our advisor clients many hours of time to figure out everything on their own. Being an AdvisorLoans client gives advisors a lot more time to spend with their clients. We save advisors substantial time in researching options, determining which lenders and programs advisors qualify for, and unnecessarily filling out multiple applications and loan packages. We have some influence with certain loans to push down the rate, accelerate timelines, and getting exceptions as needed on a case by case basis.

Turnkey Full-Service Solution
We support advisors with every step of the loan process from initial consulting, loan packaging, pre-qualification, to funding. If you need assistance in business valuations, deal construction, legal review and advice we can connect you with trusted vendors we regularly work with.

We keep advisor hours not banker hours
Many of the advisors we work with have busy schedules and work long hours. AdvisorLoans puts an actionable priority on accessibility. If you need to speak about your loan before or after market hours, we’re here. Need to talk on Saturday because of your hectic week? Call or text your Loan Advisor and you’ll get a prompt response.

Internal Loan Packaging
By packaging the loans internally, we save advisors time and headaches from having to create multiple packages and filling out multiple applications with a bunch of different banks.

We don’t shop your loan
We already know the loan structures, rates, and approval criteria of the available lenders and lending programs. Our expertise and Loan Advisory model enables our clients to know in advance which lending option we would move forward with pending review of the loan package and analysis approval.

Cultural synergy with our clients
Like most of our clients with independent advisory firms, we have an “advisor” mindset, not a banker’s mentality. We also believe in putting the best interest of our clients first through an advisory approach rather than selling proprietary products. We also focus on developing long-term client relationships to become our client’s Loan Advisor for life.


 Our services do not cost an advisor one penny more than going to a lender direct.



  • “Loan Advisor” to “Financial Advisor” relationship.
  • Consultation and clarity on the evolving financing options, programs and lenders.
  • Advisor’s liaison, advocate and agent to our “open architecture” lender network.
  • Represent the interest of the advisor not the lender.
  • Turnkey the loan process, saving advisors time, money, and a lot of frustration.


Because of our consultative loan advisory model and open architecture of lenders and programs we bring clarity to the evolving advisor lending options.

We’ll share and compare available SBA, TPA, and conventional options to determine which ones would be available for your situation and compare the pros and cons of each.

By being our client you’ll have a lot more time to spend with yours.  Not only will you save time and a lot of hassle, it doesn’t cost you one penny more using our turnkey advisor advocate model than going to a bank direct and figuring out everything on your own.

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